Gulfstream G450 S/N 4048This aircraft has been sold and is currently unavailable

Status as of: March 7, 2018


Gulfstream G450 S/N 4048 Registration N950AV
Total time 5,102 hours
Total landings 1924 landings
Certificate of airworthiness May 16, 2006
Entry into service September 29, 2006


Rolls-Royce Tay Engines 611-8C Left Engine Right Engine
Serial number S/N 85120 S/N 85119
Time since new 4979 hours 4974 hours
Cycles since new 1878 cycles 1873 cycles
Time to overhaul 7021 hours 7026 hours


Honeywell GTCP36-150 S/N P-157  
Time since new 2,521 hours

Programs And Maintenance

Engines enrolled on Rolls-Royce Corporate Care
Honeywell HAPP
APU enrolled on Honeywell MSP
Honeywell MPP


Cabin layout Fourteen-passenger configuration, forward galley
Forward Cabin Four club seats
Mid Cabin Four club seats
Aft Cabin Two club seats with an opposing four-place divan
Galley Forward galley includes chiller, high-temp oven, microwave, expresso maker and coffee maker
Lavatory Forward crew vacuum lavatory, aft passenger vacuum lavatory


Seats Oyster, Royal HIde Leather
Headliner Almond Ultraleather
Metal Finish Fine Antique Bronze
Divan Fabric Antelope, 100% Cotton
Wood Walnut
Carpet Beige Cut Pile
Exterior PRC Matterhorn white, PRC Gloss Blue, PRC Gloss Silver
Exterior Painted in Appleton in July 2015

Cabin Equipment

20-inch LCD monitor in forward right-hand cabin bulkhead
20-inch LCD monitor in aft right-hand cabin bulkhead
Ten 7-inch LCD personal monitors
Dual DVD players
Honeywell MCS-7000+ SATCOM
Eleven 115VAC Outlets
Wireless LAN System
Magnaster C2000 Telephone System; Inmarsat aero H+
Airshow 4000


  Honeywell PlaneViewTM Flight Director
3 Honeywell MAU-913 Modular Avionics Unit
1 Honeywell GP-500 Flight Guidance Panel
3 Honeywell AZ-200 Air Data Modulars
2 Honeywell MRC-855C Modular Radio Cabinet
3 Honeywell AV-900 Audio Panels
1 Honeywell MT-860 NAV/COMM Cabinet
2 Honeywell RT-300 Radio Altimeters
3 Honeywell LASEREF V Inertial Reference System
1 L3 FDR Flight Data Recorder
1 L3 CVR Cockpit Voice Recorder
1 Honeywell TCAS-2000 (7.1) Traffic Collision Avoidance System
2 Mason CCD Cursor Control Devices
1 Honeywell/Kollsman VGS Visual Guidance System (HUD/EVS)

Installed Options

Enhanced Navigation (Incl. WAAS, LPV, FANS 1/A, Link 2000+)
Synthetic Vision
Securaplane 500 with three external cameras
Runway Awareness Advisory System (RAAS)
Aircell ATG 5000 - GoGo Biz Internet and Voice
BBML - High Speed Data
SDR Router
Emergency Vision Assurance System (EVAS)
XM Weather

New Aircraft Warranties - Fully Transferable

Production structural labor and material Until September 29, 2021 or 15,000 hours

Price and Payment Terms

2006 Gulfstream G450 S/N 4048 is for sale with the following payment terms:

  1. Price of the aircraft is: $11,250,000
  2. A refundable initial deposit of $250,000 and the execution of a Gulfstream provided Letter of Intent will hold the aircraft until Sales Agreement negotiations are completed.
  3. A second deposit of $750,000 shall be paid at the time of execution of the Sales Agreement. This second deposit, along with the initial deposit, becomes non-refundable at execution of the Sales Agreement.
  4. The balance of the purchase price shall be paid at delivery.



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